Thursday, December 19, 2013

Portronics Drums Bluetooth Speaker review

Budget bluetooth speaker

The Portronics Drums speaker is a cylindrically shaped device measuring 78x76.6mm (HxW). It has two 2.5w drivers situated on the top and the base. Both drivers are encased by a perforated metal grill and a rubbery ring on the bottom. Wrapping both the drivers together is a casing of Silvery Gold Zinc alloy giving a rugged feel.

The speaker also has a micro SD card reader, 3.5mm audio out and a mini USB port for charging. Instead of touch controls, Portronics has opted for physical controls — a sensible idea, given that touch controls don't respond most of the time. Housed on the top of the device, the control panel has rubberised switches for play/ pause, forward, backward, volume up and down.

There are three modes: Aux, Card reader and Bluetooth. Operating and pairing the device is easy, long press the play/ pause button, the device is switched on and an audible female voice announces the active state. To pair it with any bluetooth device, keep the button pressed for two seconds, till a blue LED starts blinking with audio instructions.
Portronics Drums Bluetooth Speaker review

Once connected, you'll be surprised by the volume and quality that this miniscule speaker is capable of, good enough for a medium sized room. At maximum volume there is a pinch of audible distortion with less bass. But it improves a lot after 50 hours of usage.

Overall, the sound quality is acceptable. We also tested the call receive feature and found it decent. We watched a full two and half hour length film by connecting this to a laptop. The battery lasted for three and half hour of music in Bluetooth mode.

In a nutshell, the Portronics Drums is good value for its price — a little less than Rs 3,300.

VERDICT: Intriguing shape, good performance at a decent price

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